Scamorza Is It An Italian Cheese
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Scamorza: Is It An Italian Cheese?

Whenever you talk about Italian cheese, you usually remember mozzarella and parmesan.

Because these types of cheese are commonly used and consumed in Italian cuisine in your ever-present dishes.

Have you heard about Scamorza? Most people haven’t heard about it and don’t know the taste and texture of the cheese.

Scamorza is considered another version of mozzarella. It is also an Italian cheese that you can add to your favorite cheese list. This article will you a complete profile of the smokes Scamorza cheese. 

Let’s Meet This Italian Guest

Scamorza cheese belongs to the pasta Filata category and it is made of pasteurized cow milk. Scamorza also uses other milk for preparing the cheese like goat milk. But mostly use cow’s milk for making this Italian special 

Scamorza: An Italian Cheese

Cheese. The name ‘Scamorza ’ originated from the Italian verb “Scamozzare” which means removing a part. The cheese is a semi-soft Italian, spun paste cheese almost similar to mozzarella in texture.

The cheese is remarkable for its unique shape. It mainly appears in a pear shape and an hourglass shape. It is also available in other shapes also. It normally takes two weeks for the ripening process.

The cheese originated in Puglia and Calabria. But now the production of Scamorza cheese has been growing in various southern regions of Italy, like  Campania, Basilicata, Molise, and Abruzzo.

What Does Scamorza Cheese Taste Like?

Scarmorza is one of the best and most traditional  Italian cheeses widely known for its delicious taste. It is unique in its milky and bit sweet flavor. Scamorza is extremely delicious by its buttery flavor.

What’s The Relationship Between Scamorza And Mozzarella?

Scamorza and mozzarella are different products. Many people use Scamorza and mozzarella interchangeably in recipes. Because it contains several similarities.

Relationship Between Scamorza And Mozzarella

Mozzarella and Scamorza follow the same method in producing cheese. But they are different in texture, color, and taste.

Scamorza is a type of mozzarella that is made from stretched curd. The curds are smaller than mozzarella and contain less moisture. In addition, the final product can be seen in an hourglass or pear shape.

Traditional mozzarella chunks are packaged in dry blocks. The shape of mozzarella may vary based on the manufacturers.

Scamorza has a white color, creamy, milky, and sweet flavor. Mozzarella has a perfect balance of tangy, mild, and a little bit salty in flavor.

However, Scamorza is a close relative of mozzarella and is used as a substitute for mozzarella cheese. But the taste will be much stronger and more dominant.

Is Scamorza Cheese Good For Pizza?

The presence of Scamorza in Italian cuisines is inevitable. The mouthwatering taste always makes this cheese a winner in the cooked dishes. It can perfectly pair with pizza or sandwiches.

Scamorza Cheese In Pizza

Mozzarella cheese is one of the most favorite and diffused cheeses for the topping of pizza. The low moisture content in the Scamorza cheese easily melts well. It gives a stronger taste by adding this to the top of the pizza. 

Why Should You Keep The Scamorza In A Refrigerator?

 Like other cheeses, fresh Scamorza cheese should be stored in a refrigerator. Recent studies suggest that fresh Scamorza should be eaten within 48 hours.

After usage let it dry and keep it refrigerated at 4 degrees Celsius.  If you don’t keep it in an appropriate manner, it may be spoiled. Do not let your Scamorza sweat.

The cheese will sweat after a short period when holding it in the fridge. You can notice a few oily drops on the surface of the cheese.

This natural cheese needs to be cleaned with a paper tissue and put back in the fridge. Cheese boxes allow some ventilation. Therefore it is better to store it in a cheese box. It preserves the cheese in the best conditions.

How Long Does Scamorza Last?

Generally, Scamorza cheese is lasting up to three months. But once it is used, the sliced cheese should be covered with plastic wrap and keep it in the refrigerator. Compared to hard cheese, Scamorza has less lifespan. Because hard cheese is much drier than other soft cheese.

5 Mouthwatering Recipes To Try With Scamorza 

As you all know Scamorza is one of the best choices for making yummy foods. This smoked Italian cheese will definitely make your food more delicious.

5 Mouthwatering Recipes To Try With Scamorza 

This versatile cheese can be used in a wide variety of dishes. From classic Italian dishes to more creative recipes, you can find the presence of Scamorza cheese in different appetizers.

 Let’s look at some of the mouthwatering recipes that make use of this Italian unique cheese. 

🧀Courgette and Smoked Scamorza Risotto

This recipe will definitely melt your tongue and heart. The smoked Scamorza adds a delicious flavor to this Italian cuisine.

Courgette is easy to make and it can be used as a dinner or lunch option. Add enough salt and good-quality olive oil while sauteing the courgette and the onion. The creamy finish at the end will change the taste and texture of the recipe.

🧀Italian potato bake

Potato Italian bake is an excellent option for making your Sunday more vibrant. The dish is easy to make and the Scamorza cheese is ready to give a buttery flavor to the Italian potato bake.

When you cook this recipe, make sure that using good quality potatoes can make a big difference in the taste. You can use smoked Scamorza cheese or mozzarella for making the recipe.

Because mozzarella is one of the best substitutes for Scamorza cheese. But the former gives better results.

In addition, salami, eggs, butter, and breadcrumbs are other options to make it tastier. You will definitely love the unique flavors this dish offers.

🧀Parma ham and smoked cheese roll-up pie

Roll-up pie is an amazing recipe that is easy to make and absolutely delicious. The distinctive feature of this recipe is that only three ingredients can make this dish unique in taste.

Ready-rolled pastry, parma ham, and smoked Scamorza cheese are the key ingredients.

You need to roll out the pastry and layer it on the parma ham and smoked cheese. You will enjoy this dish served with a salad or roasted vegetables.

🧀Creamy cheese, Mushroom Pie with Parma Ham

Are you excited about such a long meal name? This recipe will definitely conquer your guests.  This creamy cheese and mushroom pie with parma ham can prepare easily within seconds.

The Italian Scamorza cheese adds a milky flavor to this cuisine. In addition, you can use parmesan cheese to sprinkle on the top of the pie before it bakes.

🧀Grilled Scamorza

Comparatively, Grilled Scamorza is a simple recipe that serves wonderful flavor and can easily make within minutes.

Grilled Scamorza is an excellent option for your Sunday lunch. While making the recipe, you can use either smoked Scamorza cheese or unsmoked Scamorza.

Where To Buy This Italian Cheese?

Scamorza cheese is the key ingredient in almost Italian cuisines. You can purchase smoked cheese from nearby supermarkets.

Availability Of Scamorza Cheese

If you’re not in Italy, you can also buy this product from corresponding websites or big supermarkets like Italian delis, or cheese shops. There are plenty of websites are selling Scamorza cheese using different platforms.


Like other cheese, Scamorza has unique features and maintains its delicious taste by adding a wide range of dishes.

The excellent melting quality makes the cheese more flavorful and it is considered the best option for baking dishes.

The smoky flavor can pair well with the aforementioned recipes. Once you try this at your home, you will definitely become a regular consumer of Scamorza. The yum-yummy taste will melt your heart. 

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