What Cheese Is Best To Eat If You Have High Cholesterol

High Cholesterol? Discover The Best Cheeses For Your Health!

Cheese is an all-time favorite food. This dairy product is made from milk. There are various types of cheeses depending on the flavors, textures, and forms. As you all know cheese is one of the best dairy products that contain several nutrients. At the same time, it carries high saturated fat and salt.

Consuming too much-saturated fat reflects in the count of cholesterol. It increases the number of low-density lipoproteins which is harmful to heart health. The salt content and high saturated fat gradually lead to cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. Therefore, people who are having high cholesterol are afraid to add cheese to their favorite cuisines.

Best Cheeses That You Can Eat If You Have High Cholesterol

There is a myth that people who have high cholesterol should avoid cheese completely. But in reality, you don’t have to cut cheese from your meals. Many types of cheeses can be included in a healthy diet, even if you have high cholesterol. If you have high cholesterol, use high-fat cheese sparingly. Low-fat cheeses are also available in markets.

Best Cheeses That You Can Eat If You Have High Cholesterol

You can eat those cheeses more confidently than others. This article provides a detailed account of the best cheeses that you can eat if you have high cholesterol, the health benefits of cheeses, the worst cheeses for cholesterol, and some tips for reducing high cholesterol. Read the entire article to find out the best cheeses that are suitable for your health and cholesterol. 

8 best kinds of cheese for high cholesterol patients

  • Feta cheese

Compared to other cheeses, feta cheese contains low saturated fat and cholesterol. Feta cheese has only 25 milligrams of cholesterol per ounce and It contains 3 grams of saturated fat. Therefore, it is considered a cholesterol-free cheese and contains less lactose than other types of cheese. you can club feta cheese in a variety of dishes. You can add this savor-flavored cheese to fresh cherry tomatoes, salads, and fruits. 

Feta cheese
  • Mozzarella

Mozzarella is an Italian cheese made from buffalo milk. Mozzarella is traditionally produced using the pasta filata method. It has a high moisture content. Therefore, it is served a day after the cheese is made. It has a milky flavor and delicate taste. Mozzarella has several health benefits. When it comes to cholesterol, mozzarella is low in saturated fat. It contains only 3 grams of saturated fat and 15 milligrams of cholesterol. Cheryl Mussatto MS, RD, LD, a clinical dietitian at Cotton O’Neil Cardia Rehab in Topeka suggests that eating fresh and part-skim kind of mozzarella is better for cholesterol. In addition, mozzarella helps to reduce inflammation, strengthen bones and protect gut health.   

  • Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese contains the least cholesterol and low fat. Low-fat cottage cheese has 14 milligrams of cholesterol and 1.4 grams of saturated fat. In comparison with cheddar cheese, moderate consumption of cottage cheese doesn’t affect your cholesterol level. Studies show that cottage cheese is a great option for heart health. The high protein helps to support cardiovascular health. 

Cottage cheese

  • String cheese

You can consume string cheese even if you have high cholesterol. Because people who have high cholesterol commonly choose low-fat string cheese to reduce their saturated fat intake. A 100 grams of string cheese contains 5 grams of cholesterol and 3 grams of saturated fat. You can eat the proper portion sizes of cheese without worrying about your cholesterol level.

String cheese

  • Part-skim ricotta

A ¼ cup of part-skim ricotta contains 19 milligrams of cholesterol and 3.5 grams of saturated fat. Compared to other cheeses, part-skim ricotta is a better option for cholesterol. A moderate level of eating part-skim ricotta doesn’t cause any harmful effects on the cholesterol level. 

Part-skim ricotta
  • Parmesan cheese

Parmesan cheese is famous for its texture and is made from cow’s milk. It takes 12 months for the maturing process. It is widely used for sprinkling the top of cuisines. one tablespoon of parmesan cheese contains 1 gram of saturated fat. It is high in calories and proteins. It can be a good choice for people who have high cholesterol. In addition, moderate consumption of parmesan cheese prevents osteoporosis, controls blood pressure, prevents protein deficiency, etc.    

Parmesan cheese
  • Swiss cheese

Swiss cheese is a Switzerland cheese made from cow’s milk. Swiss cheese is considered one of the best and healthiest cheeses. Swiss is considered the healthiest cheese at subway. When it comes to the nutritional information of swiss cheese, it contains 8 grams of protein, 1 gram of carbs, 111 calories, and 9 grams of fat. It can be included in your diet. Swiss cheese is better to eat with fruits, sandwiches, burgers, and egg bakes. 

  • Goat cheese

Goat cheese is highly nutritious when compared to other cheeses. 28 grams of goat cheese contains zero cabs, 6 grams of fat, 5 grams of protein, and 75 calories. It contains several proteins and can be easily digested compared to cheese which is made from cow’s milk.

Goat cheese

What are the health benefits of cheese?

People are always excited to taste better cheese with their favorite food. It can be paired with a slice of sandwich, salad, and pizza. As you all know, cheese contains a high amount of fat. So, regular consumption of cheese is not encouraged by health professionals. However, you can eat them at a moderate level. Because it has several health benefits too. Let’s look at the potential health benefits of cheese.

  • Support gut health

The probiotic bacteria in fermented foods like cheese and yogurt help to support gut health. Studies have proven that healthy bacteria help to keep healthy cholesterol levels.  

  • Prevent osteoporosis

Cheese is high in calcium and vitamin D. these are essential components that help to develop and strengthen the bones. When you grow older, your bones begin to thin over time. It may lead to osteoporosis. But the adequate amounts of protein, calcium, and vitamin D help to prevent osteoporosis. 

  • Support dental health

As you all know cheese is an excellent source of calcium. Calcium is an important nutrient that helps in tooth formation. A study shows that eating cheese can boost PH levels and offers protection against dental cavities. 

  • Promote healthy weight gain

Cheese contains several nutrients. Natural fat promotes healthy weight gain. Many people are using cheese as a great source for gaining weight. Eating at a moderate level of cheese is motivated. 

  • Reduce the risk of cancer

A study shows that conjugated linoleic and sphingolipids are active in cheese. These components help to reduce the risk of cancer. A study conducted by the university of Milan proved the connection between sphingolipids and cancer.  The calcium content in the cheese also helps to prevent certain types of cancer.  

What is the worst cheese for cholesterol?

In the united states, every year there is a huge hike in the number of cholesterol patients. Changing lifestyles are the main reason behind this condition. Especially, increasing saturated fat intake.

Cheese influences the number of cholesterol. If you are having high cholesterol, your doctor would suggest staying away from cheese. It can contribute to increasing the low-density lipoproteins.

Some cheese contains a high-level salt than seawater. It also contains high levels of saturated fat. Both o them are harmful to your health. The following are the worst cheeses for cholesterol.

  • Cheddar cheese

Cheddar cheese is high in saturated fats. 100 grams of cheddar cheese contains 105 milligrams of cholesterol. It can elevate your cholesterol levels and lead you to cardiovascular diseases. People with high cholesterol should take care while consuming cheddar. It might result in a visible change in LDL amount. 

Cheddar cheese
  • American cheese

American cheese is another cheese that contains high cholesterol. American cheese contains a high amount of sodium and saturated fat. Therefore, it increases the risk of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. 

American cheese
  • Cream cheese

As the name suggests, cream cheese is a mild-tasting fresh cheese that contains 34 grams of fat. It’s a full-fat dairy product that increases cardiovascular health risks. According to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, daily consumption of cream cheese causes heart disease like heart attack and stroke. 

Cream cheese

How can you reduce high cholesterol?

The aforementioned cheeses are harmful to your health and they can influence the cholesterol level in the body. If you have high cholesterol, it’s better to avoid those high-fat cheeses. You can also improve your cholesterol level by following a healthy lifestyle. Here are the tips that would beneficial for managing cholesterol. 

  • Diet

High cholesterol can be easily controlled by a healthy diet. Reducing saturated fat intake can make a big difference in the number of LDL cholesterol. Saturated fat is the main source that produces cholesterol in the body. Decreasing saturated fat and trans fat helps to improve good cholesterol levels. Add more vegetables, fruits, and whey protein to your daily meals. Foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids help to improve HDL. Soluble fiber is also a great option to reduce high cholesterol.  

  • Exercise

Physical activities have a vital role in maintaining healthy cholesterol. It can improve your cholesterol level. Do at least a 30-minute workout per day. It helps to shed bad cholesterol in the body. Find time to do your favorite sport or take a brisk. Engaging in physical activities can boost your HDL level.

  • Quit smoking and drinking

Smoking and drinking are bad habits that bring several risk factors to your body. Smoking can increase bad cholesterol. Quitting smoking habits can improve your cholesterol level and blood pressure. Drinking alcohol is the same as smoking. Excessive drinking leads to cardiovascular diseases. It’s better to avoid alcohol consumption.

Quit smoking and drinking


Cheese is a main source of saturated fat and cholesterol. People with high cholesterol usually won’t prefer to eat cheeses. But low-fat cheeses can substitute high cholesterol cheeses. Consult a doctor and ask for better low-fat cheeses that can include in your diet. 

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