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Cheese Addiction And How To Break It? Everything You Need To Know!

Are you one of those who need extra cheese in everything you eat, and you can not even imagine eating food without it? Then you are on the right page because we are here with everything you need to know about your cheese cravings and how to break them. 

Cheese Addiction: Is It Real?

Cheese addiction is real, and you are not alone in this. Many people in the cheese-loving family can not imagine pizza without melted mozzarella and pasta dishes without Parmesan-topped. But you can lessen its intake if you wish to or if you want to change to vegan. All you need to do is follow some steps with pure will. 

However, before we move further let’s deal with the reason behind your cheese addiction. 

Why Is Cheese Addictive?

There are plenty of reasons given by scholars as to why you keep coming back to cheese. One of them is explained by Dr. Neal Barnard, founder, and president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), in his book called The Cheese Trap.

He wrote that cheese and other milk products contain casein (a protein) that releases opioid compounds after its digestion. These opioids attach to the brain’s opiate receptors which causes a calming effect in much the same way drugs do. 

The second reason is the presence of tyramine and phenylethylamine in cheese, which trigger feelings of happiness and love and make us obsessed with it. 

Cheese Addictive

These addictive compounds are in the milk of the baby cow so that it can keep coming back for its mother cow’s milk, but now these compounds are making you addicted. 

Another reason is that our bodies evolved to enjoy foods that are high in fat. In ancient times, food was scarce, so eating a higher amount of fatty foods helped our ancestors to survive famines for a longer period. 

Knowing why you are addicted to cheese is not enough, you should know the steps to give up cheese. Below we have provided some steps for you to follow. 

Start With Your Why

The first step is to list reasons- why you want to quit cheese on paper. Stick that paper in front of you where you can easily see it when you feel like consuming cheese. Always remember your whys. 

If you are doing it for health reasons, then read the negative impacts of cheese on the body and if you are doing it for animal welfare, watch documentaries on how domestic cows are treated for milk. 

Remember to give very strong and clear reasons. 

Ditch Fermented Dairy

The best way to ditch cheese is to study- what are the conditions of the cows from whose milk it is made. If you want animal welfare, stick a photo of the cutest cow in your purse or wallet and look at it whenever you try to buy cheese. 

Eating cheese can also lead to insulin resistance and digestive issues. 

Health Or Waistline

Giving up cheese is a good idea if you want good heart health and at the same time the waistline of your dream. Only ditching cheese would not get you a perfect waistline but sure it will help high in saturated fat. 

If you are more concerned with health then remember that cheese can clog your arteries and can result in poor heart health and strokes. 

Cheese Free Days

If you feel like giving up cheese is an impossible task, gradually start with cheese-free days. Begin with not consuming cheese on alternative days then consecutive days, and keep on increasing these days.

Remind yourself why you should not eat cheese and how harmful it is for your body, environment, and cows if you eat it while eating. Say it yourself that you are consciously making a bad choice that is worse for your health and the world. 

It will give birth to disgust for cheese in your mind and one day you would eventually stop eating cheese. 

Replace Cheese With Healthy Fat

There are healthy fats such as monounsaturated fat and omega-3 polyunsaturated fat. Replace high unhealthy fat saturated cheese with sources of healthy fat which will do wonders for your diet. Such unhealthy fat to replace cheese is avocado, nuts, seeds, nut and seed butter, extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil, and others. 

Try to replace the place of cheese in all your foods with all these food items. 

If you want to quit cheese then follow the above-mentioned steps without any cheating and with pure will. They will help you. 

Now, go, get started on your journey. 

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