Cheese For Toasted Sandwiches

Best Cheese For Toasted Sandwiches! Find Out The Top Cheeses!

On a lousy day when you do not want to indulge in anything but comfort food, most of us choose a grilled cheese sandwich! As mouth-watering as it sounds, the right cheese in the sandwich can seal the deal.

Secret To Perfect Cheeses For Grilled Toast Sandwich

some of the cheese may not produce the gooey melt we all crave. If you must have a non-melty cheese in your sandwich, grate or break it up and mix it with any of the cheeses listed below.

You can grate for better taste. This way, it’ll perfectly incorporate into your dreamy, oozy sandwich.

cheeses For Grilled Toast Sandwich

Are You Drooling Already?

We are sure you are. The ultimate comfort food, a blessing in disguise, a toasted cheese sandwich needs to be prepared with love, and most importantly the right cheese!

The gooey cheesy and crisp sandwich requires simple ingredients. The best part is that you can make your grilled cheese with any type of cheese you want. 

Top Cheeses To Make The Perfect Grilled Toast Sandwich

  • Medium Cheddar 

If you want your sandwich to be perfectly balanced and blended with the right melty cheese, this cheese is for you. No kidding, this is one of the favorites people choose and go crazy over. It is the staple and the most popular cheese in town.

Medium Cheddar Cheese

You can be rest assured about the taste, just add some hot sauce or butter it up. The herbs will increase their taste to the next level. 

  • Raclette

If you are a big fan of meat, potatoes, and bread, you must know raclette. This is the only best cheese that goes perfectly with gooey items. No, we are not kidding! Trust us, the potato mix you love, it’s all raclette. Fun fact? It is a dish as well as cheese!

Raclette Cheese

The cheese is meaty and rich, with a funky undertone that fades when melted, making it ideal for grilled cheese. Shepherds used to bring hunks of cheese to melt on bread over a fire for dinner. Put some cooked bacon on your sandwich and you’ll thank us later.

  • Young Unsmoked Gouda

Are you a fan of savory sugar? Not the actual sweetness! But the one that perfectly blends with your salty taste buds? Then the young unsmoked gouda is for you. It is not the same as cheddar (as many confuse it) and has a peculiarly sweet taste.

Young Unsmoked Gouda

A secret and unique method of preparing the curds imparts a sweeter flavor. If you enjoy your grilled cheese with jam or honey, use young Gouda for a truly “gouda” experience (pun intended).

The attractive look and butterscotch flavor of aged Gouda is out of this world, but the younger stuff melts much better.

  • Organic American Slices

If you talk about American cheese you would be surprised to know that only 25 to 30% is cheese and the rest is filler. Shocked? But have you tasted it yet?

Organic American Slices

If you have tasted the organic American slices, you know it’s delicious and tempting. And many people consider it as a holy grail for making toast cheese sandwiches. You get that wonderful mild cheesy flavor and a gooey melt. You can also support better farming practices and avoid questionable additives. Wins all around, right?

  • Fontina Val D’Aosta

A savory, devouring, and complex cheese, we aren’t talking about standard Fontina. It comes from the unpasteurized milk of Valdosta cows. Found in a beautiful country like Italy near the Swiss Alps, this cheese has been here for centuries.

Fontina Val D'Aosta

Although Many people would not approve of it as a midnight snack, if you Are looking to upgrade your foot test, with more sophisticated dinner grilled cheese, consider this Italian cheese.

Pro tip- have it with sautéed mushrooms for a richer taste!

  • Pepperjack

If you are a fan of spice and cheese, pepper jack is for you. It is a cheese with an Uber meaty taste, originated with the Maple Leaf Pepper Jack (Wisconsin).


Fresh peppers with the cheese- ahh we drool over this cheese! You can get your taco seasoned with this imported cheese, along with a hint of Southwest flavor!

Here are our top choices for cheese. Comment your favorite cheese and let us know if we miss any! 

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