Does Drinking A Lot Of Water Lower Cholesterol?         

Drinking water and Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a fat-like substance found in your body. It is the function of the liver, to produce cholesterol. Cholesterol is an essential substance, as far as your body is concerned. But like any other thing, too much cholesterol in your blood vessels and arteries can be troublesome and even potentially life-threatening. Water Lowers Cholesterol, … Read more

Is chocolate Bad For Cholesterol? Everything You Need To Know!

Is chocolate Bad For Cholesterol Everything You Need To Know! !

Chocolate is essentially made out of cocoa beans, which contain certain plant nutrients called flavanols which are said to have some heart health benefits. This has gained it rather a reputation for helping your cardiovascular system and being good for your cholesterol-related health issues. Cholesterol And Chocolate: Is It Harmful? The truth is that most … Read more