The Best Meats To Lower Cholesterol

The Best Meats To Lower Cholesterol – Meats That You Should Be Avoided!

Body cholesterol level is something a person should take care of. Though our body can make it on its own, we need to consume a restricted amount of dietary cholesterol from our food.

4 Good Types Of Meat To Lower Cholesterol 2023

Meat is a powerful source of cholesterol as it contains a high amount of fat, but one should be careful about the levels of this waxy substance in the body.  Increased cholesterol levels can cause blood clots, heart diseases, higher blood pressure, etc.

Good Meats To Lower Cholestrol

So, If you are worried about cholesterol levels and are a meat lover at the same time, you have to be careful in choosing the right meat for being fit. Let’s put some light on the options.

Chicken Or Turkey Breast

Breast meat contains a lower amount of fat and at the same time, gives a treat to your taste buds. According to the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), 100 grams of grilled skinless meat contains 151 Calories and 3.2g of fat. White meat contains a comparatively low amount of saturated fat.

 Skinless chicken breast contains 130 mg of cholesterol per 8-ounce serving.

 Chicken Or Turkey Breast

Fish Meat

Fish meat is not only low in cholesterol but also has other benefits. It has omega-3 fatty acids which are needed for good heart health and it decreases the chances of cardiovascular diseases. Salmon, herring, and other fatty fishes are the best options to have as they are low in fats and high in other beneficial elements. According to the USDA, 100 grams of Salmon contains 160 Calories and 5.5g of fat.

100g of Salmon contains 50mg -55mg of cholesterol.

Fish is always low in saturated fat. Even a limited amount of shrimp can be enjoyed occasionally as 6 ounces of steamed shrimp contains 330 – 335 milligrams of cholesterol.

Fish Meat

Pork Tenderloin

Not all pork options are low in fat but pork tenderloin is. According to the USDA, 100g of pork tenderloin contains 187 calories and 6.3g of fat.

100 grams of pork tenderloin contains 70mg – 75mg of Cholesterol.

Pork Tenderloin

Lean Cut Steaks

Lean-cut steak contains lower cholesterol than high-cut steak. If someone wants to limit cholesterol intake, it is preferable to have sirloin or round cuts. Choose as lean as possible. In the case of ground beef, 93% to 96% lean ground beef would be a better option. Don’t go for “prime” or “choice” cuts, rather, go for “select” cuts. According to USDA, 100g of broiled sirloin steak has 188 calories and 6.5 g of fat.

100 grams of lean-cut beef contains 95 mg of cholesterol.

 Lean Cut Steaks

How Much Cholesterol Does Our Body Need?

Our body can make cholesterol and we only need to supply a little amount of it through our diet. The dietary cholesterol requirement of an Adult is not more than 300mg/day. People with heart disease should not consume more than 200mg/day.

Some Tips For Having Meat While Taking Care Of Body Cholesterol Levels

  • 1. Don’t have cuts with visible fat and make sure to trim them before cooking.
  • 2. Wipe off the additional fat after cooking.
  • 3. Prefer cooking on a grill or broiler rack so that the excess fat can drip away

Meat That You Should Be Avoided

You should avoid high-fat steak, ham, processed meat, bacon, lunch meat, sausages, etc as they contain a high amount of saturated fat and overall fat.

Ending Words

A low-cholesterol diet does not always mean cutting off meat entirely. One just has to be careful about saturated fat. A person can also go for alternatives such as tofu, tempeh, beans, etc., as they are healthy and fulfill the needs of our bodies.

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