Annie's mac And Cheese Reviews

Annies Macaroni And Cheese Reviews – A Quick Recipe For Cheese Lovers!

Annies Macaroni And Cheese Reviews(February 2023 Update): There are some cheeses that would melt our hearts, and others melt our food, Annies classic macaroni and cheese is magic that melts both—like making you wonder what good is packed inside! Read Annie’s mac And Cheese reviews to know the ingredients, Nutrition Facts ad benefits.

Annie’s mac And Cheese Reviews – Are Annie’s Mac And Cheese Good?

Nobody dares to say No to it, brags the consumers.  It adds a unique flavor to your table and becomes a magic mix. Just love it as it is or add any toppings you love. It treats you with a devoted taste nourishing all the food you serve!

Annie's mac And Cheese Reviews
BrandAnnie’s Homegrown
FlavorClassic Cheddar
Weight0.52 Pounds
Size6 Ounce (Pack of 12)
Allergen InformationMilk, Wheat
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Annie’s Mac And Cheese

Annies classic macaroni and cheese is a crafted delicacy that is packed without artificial flavors, synthetic colors, or preservatives.

Annie’s mac And Cheese Ingredients 

The key ingredients of Annie’s classic macaroni and cheese are listed below:

? Organic Pasta

Unlike other cheeses, Annie’s classic ensures Organic ingredients. Organic is usually described as anything that is made without any chemical pesticides and fertilizers. They are keen on supporting human health and saving the planet. Annies include Organic pasta made using organic wheat flour. Organic pasta goes through different processes that cut off all the harmful and unwanted nutrients.

? Whey 

Whey is something that remains after the milk is curdled and strained. It is basically used as an ingredient in cheese. Whey is also rich in protein that completes all essential amino acids. It is also used as a supplement for improving one’s muscles. 

? Cultured Cream 

Some dairy products are called cultured after the process of fermentation. They are gone through this process to bring back the good-for-you bacteria that have been lost during pasteurization. 

? Butter

Butter is among the dairy products made after churning milk. It includes butterfat, milk proteins, and water. Butter contributes to food in many ways. It helps the cheese to have a good texture.

Other common ingredients include corn starch, citric, acid, annatto extract(for color), lactic acid, sunflower lecithin, sodium phosphate, and silicon dioxide (for the anti-taking).

Annie's mac And Cheese Ingredients

Annie’s mac And Cheese Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size                 : 2.5 oz dry mix (71g)About 1 cup prepared

Calories                        : 270

Total Fat                        : 3.5g (4%)

Saturated fat                 : 2g (9%)

Trans Fat                       : 0g

Cholesterol                    : 10mg (3%)

Sodium                          : 430mg (18%)

Potassium                      : 300mg (6%)

Total Carbohydrate        : 49g (18%)

Dietary fiber                   : 3g (11%)

Total sugars                   : 7g

inlc.Added Sugars         : 0g (0%)

Protein                           : 9g

Vitamin D                       : 0 mcg (0%)

Calcium                         : 100mg (8%)

Iron                                : 0.8mg (4%)

Thiamin                         : 0.1mg (10%)

Are Annie’s mac and cheese tasty?

One thing we love about Annie’s mac and cheese is its essence of making us feel at home wherever we are—bring in the taste of your home even when you’re away from your home. Annie’s mac and cheese are said to be absolute homemade magic. The nature of it blends with your taste just perfectly!

And yes, it stands as very premium because of its unbelievable texture that soothes your cravings. The supremacy of its cheese is so good that one delicious bowl is not going to stop you from having it more!

Also, the transparency of Annies is well versed as you can see they provide us with all the required details which saves those with allergies. Food integrity is taken very seriously thus Annies make sure to avoid all that is unhealthy making even the planet safer.

Annie's mac And Cheese recipes

Is Kraft or Annie’s mac and cheese healthier?

There would be none who haven’t seen Kraft’s mac and cheese while walking through the aisle of cheese in a grocery store but Annies seems to have arisen recently.  Despite the fact that Annies is relatively new, you must already know that both Kraft’s and Annie’s mac and cheese go parallel— hand in hand, providing all the nutrients equally. Or rather contributing only to slight differences.

Generally, Annie’s shells are said to have some extra 20 calories in a box than a box of Kraft’s mac and cheese. Some of them prefer Annies due to their neutrality and organic flavor, while most of them conclude that kraft tasted more artificial and unhealthy. We can also see that the number of ingredients Annies owns is fewer than kraft, naming Annies as an original one mostly with organic content. You need not worry about having peanut allergies for they provide the list of nuts included. Those vegetarians may check the vegan products available on their official website.

Can you use water instead of milk for Annie’s mac and cheese?

You are the one who can solely think easily and creatively while cooking! There are people who use water instead of milk but you would never get the accurate taste as it is when you use water. The texture is going to be lean and it would be less creamy, which may reduce the actual taste. There is another substitute to look thicker and taste better adding more butter to it.


Annie’s mac and cheese come with love to satisfy all your craving. The ultimate aim of Annies is to promote a healthy and happier life.

As per Annie’s mac And Cheese reviews, Annies are proven to be 100% organic which eases the consumer’s health. They are also mindful of the product being affordable despite offering organic products to make it economical for all people equally.

In short, nobody has found a substitute that tastes so delicious as Annie’s mac and cheese. If you’re someone who loves to add a spoonful of magic to your dinner, then no doubt, Annies is going to be your favorite!

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