Amazing Acres Farm

Amazing Acres Goat Dairy, located in northern Chester County, produces small batch, fresh-aged artisanal goats’ milk cheeses, inspired by classic French styles. Our bloomy rind cheeses include “Sea Smoke,” molded with ash, and “Baby Boomer,” our take on a bucheron style. “Banon” is a small semi-firm round of cheese wrapped with brandy-soaked grape leaves. We also handcraft a variety of flavored chèvres, including Roasted Garlic, Rosemary Lemon and Cranberry, among others. Our small herd of Nubians and Nubian/Saanans have access to both pasture and shelter at all times, are fed supplemental grain and hay as needed, are given plenty of fruit and vegetable treats, and receive no hormones, steroids or antibiotics. The health and well-being of our herd is of foremost importance. We keep our kids with their mothers for a minimum of 10 weeks because we feel this produces a healthier mother and kid and reduces stress on them both. Healthy, happy goats produce quality milk and quality milk yields delicious cheese.

You can purchase Amazing Acres cheeses by visiting us at the farmers markets or retail locations listed on our website. We welcome visits to the farm (for tours or purchases) by appointment only. Email or call to make arrangements.

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