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The Team Overview

The Chester Cheese County is a team of experienced professionals who helps you to manage your high cholesterol and other medical conditions that you have or may be likely to develop. Our team is dedicated to updating you and providing you with tips that help to improve your overall health and well-being. The ultimate vision of the Chester Cheese County team is to provide authentic and reliable information to our readers.      

Jeffrey Daniel

Jeffrey Daniel is a certified American Lipidologist for about 10 years. He studies the cholesterol content in your blood and helps you to find ways to manage and control health risks linked to it. Jeffrey daniel is very popular among his patients for providing them with a seamless treatment plan that includes dietary changes, exercise, and medications.

Vincent Thomas

Vincent Thomas is a certified cheese professional who has acquired thorough knowledge that is demanded within the cheese industry. He is very passionate about cheese and possesses a deep understanding of the process of transforming milk into cheese.  

Rachel Amelia

Dr. Rachel Amelia is a popular endocrinologist in the USA and a former professor of Medicine. She specialized in Fibrocystic disease, Thyroid cancer, and Metabolism. Her numerous achievements made her one of the best endocrinologists in the USA. At Chester County Cheese, Rachel Amelia helps you by providing some useful tips to control your blood cholesterol level.

About Us

Chester County Cheese is a doorway that leads you to healthy cholesterol. It is a one-stop health gateway developed to provide better knowledge about cholesterol and its later consequences. With the help of our panel of solution providers, we were able to create a change among the Americans troubled with cholesterol issues for the past few years.